Darkman (1990): Asking Girlfriend to Marry


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The clip asking girlfriend to marry from Darkman (1990)

Herb Gorson, please.
Here you go, babe.
Oops. Sorry.
Herb, hi. It's Julie Hastings.
Listen, I found some memos
when I was researching the Von Hoffenstein deal
that I don't think I was supposed to find.
They're from Strack to a guy named...
Claude Bellasarious.
They're records of payments
to various people on the Zoning Commission.
Well, I think they're payoffs.
Yeah, well, what I want to do
is talk to Strack first,
give him the benefit of the doubt.
Yeah, O.K.
All right, I'll talk to you later, Herb.
Bye, Herb.
Oh, I don't want to go.
Don't go.
I have to go.
I have to go now! I'm late.
I'll call you later.
Julie! Julie, wait.
What is it?
I've been thinking.
We should get married.
I've just started getting things going at the firm,
and I really like having my own place.
We're practically living together now.
All marriage means
is you answer the phone in the morning,
and if it's my grandmother,
you don't pretend it's the wrong number.
The woman thinks she has Alzheimer's.
I can't talk about it now.
Jules, I'm asking you to marry me.
Peyton, I love you...
I realized...
but I got to think it over, O.K.?

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