Friday Night Lights (2004): Press Interview


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The clip press interview from Friday Night Lights (2004) with Grover Coulson, Richard Dillard

"45, Boobie"... That's my nephew out there.
The boy can play some football. I'm telling you.
I think he'll win the Heisman Trophy someday. [Man] The Heisman, really?
Oh, yes sir. You can bet on it.
"I got it.! I got it.!"
"" Who's you guys'favorite player?
Boobie Miles.
He can spin left. He can spin right. Don't make no difference.
He can block, tackle, score the touchdown, snap the ball,
hold the snap and kick the extra point.
Hell, the boy will fill up the Gatorade cooler, walk the dog, and paint your back porch.
I'm telling you, that boy can flat out play football.
Ow! And he can pass!
Should we believe the hype? What hype?
The hype about Boobie Miles.
"No, hype is something" that's not for real.
"I'm all real."
I'm Chris Comer. I'm a running back. So that means you're Boobie's backup?
I'm actually Boobie's backup backup. I'm third string right now.
"You know which way" you're supposed to run?
"Yeah, with strong right"...
I ain't talkin' about the play. I know what the play was, okay?
I know what the play was, okay?
Odessa's a small town, and, uh,
if you screw up, everybody knows about it.
Your dad played at Permian. What's it like to be the son of a local legend?
Hold on to the damn ball, Donnie!
Next question.
There it goes.! There it is.! How are your grades, Boobie?
I get straight A's. I'm an athlete.
In what subject? There's only one subject. It's football.
Ain't no other subject, you know?
"Hang on to the ball.! The ball.!"
You sure he's part of your gene pool, Charlie?
Red alert. Red alert, everybody.
What about the expectations of coaching a team like this in a community like this?
Well, I guess there's always a surprise or two in every community.
Ball. Just concentrate on hangin' on the ball. Both hands.

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