Friday Night Lights (2004): Final Match Part 2 3


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The clip final match Part 2 3 from Friday Night Lights (2004) with Billy Bob Thornton, Lee Jackson

Wait.! He's gonna bring it out.! No.! What are you doing?
Howser makes the tackle on the three-yard line.
And now Chavez is very slow to get up as he was just blasted to the turf.
Mike I want you to be patient in there, all right? Keep your cool.
Yes, sir.
Be a leader. Okay? Yes, sir.
The run's two-seven-seven dolphin. Let's go!
Saturday is finally here. The Texas Bowl is underway.!
Winchell now first and ten for Permian inside their five-yard line.
Winchell, under center will back up. Here comes Stuber.!
Dad gum it! Dad gum it!
Andjust like that, Stuber has given Carter a 2-nothing lead.
Which game are we in?
And Whitaker will find Grande and pass as Chavez is leveled.
And Grande will take this one to the half from more than 50 yards away in play.
There's not a Panther within ten yards ofhim. That's a Carter Cowboy touchdown.
Carter will go for two. They will not kick.
No surprise. This team has not kicked an extra point or a field goal all year.
Whitaker now will make his play. Going left will get the two-point conversion.
Cowboys, ten. Permian, nothing.
What's it like out there, Ivory? They're big.
They're fast.
Fun ride, huh, big boy?
They're dirty.
Ball's gone. Ball's gone! He's holding me, Ref!
Plus, they fast.
Yeah, you said that already.
Do not fumble against a team...
Two runs to deep turn! Keep your heads together!
Help me out! 45-2 split!
It's gonna be Whitaker to Cane from 26 yards away.
He levels Chavez.!
Oh, and another Carter Cowboy touchdown.
**[Marching Band]

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