Friday Night Lights (2004): Coach Encouragement


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The clip coach encouragement from Friday Night Lights (2004) with Lucas Black

Can you get the job done, Mike?
We're pretty small. I didn't ask you if you think we're small.
I asked you if you think we can get the job done.
Think so. Well, you're gonna have to do better than "I think so."Is that clear?
It's clear.
Now I'm gonna assume that by now you've learned that the world's not fair...
and sometimes you get the short end. That's all you get.
And if you don't do something personally to fix it,
that's all you're ever gonna get.
Yes, sir.
Do you wanna play college ball? Do you wanna get out of this town?
Think so.
Well, why aren't you doin' something about it?
My mind's not right.
One of these days you're gonna have to get out of this house.
You're gonna have to leave her.
Yes, sir.
You gotta accept the fact that people have to take care of themselves, and that includes you.
You understand that? Yes, sir.

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