Friday Night Lights (2004): Comer Moves Up


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The clip comer moves up from Friday Night Lights (2004)

leading Mojo from a 14-nothing deficit.
I'm feelin'great. How are you? I feel much better than I did before the hit.
This team has a swagger. They're walkin'tall. They're playin'tough.
I love these kids. I love the way Winchell's playin;
Real good. They came "together after Boobie went out"...
He's got him. Touchdown in the corner.!
You know, we just have to dig deep...
Comer's amazing. You know, he's stepping in just nicely.
My concern is that he doesn't have the experience in the long run.
If they can just stay strong, not get overconfident,
and take out Midland Lee I think we're goin; man.
I think we're gonna go all the way, but I'm a little worried.
Oh no, sir. It's just a small sprain.
It was just, uh, a precaution. We're on a roll.
Don't get started on the celebration dance. We got Midland comin'up.
Midland Lee is the real deal.
You don't need to be slackin'right now. You gotta be playin'and practicin;
Permian zips past North Shore Galena 17-3.
Come on. We're five and one. The team is winning now.
They all win, but who we playin'? Come on. Mediocre teams.
Two losses could shut the door on the Permian Panthers.
Let's not start tootin'the horns just yet, you know what I mean?
You lose two division games in this football climate, and you're done, Sammy. You're done.

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