Friday Night Lights (2004): After Boobie's Injury


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The clip after boobie's injury from Friday Night Lights (2004)

We only got a minute and a halfleft in the game, we're leadin'by a good lead.
He leaves the boy in there like that. That makes no sense.!
You gotta protect your best asset.! What's the matter with this man?
He could have ruined the whole season for us right there.
We were up. We were winnin'big, and the boy stays in the game.
"Yeah.! What's"... "You don't need any more." You don't need to accomplish any more.
I think Coach Gaines "is a stupid f"..."in'idiot."
Hey. "[Man] Well, he sh"... "You know," he shouldn't have put him in.
I mean, we had a big lead and everything.
I don't understand what that was all about.
We can't do anything without Boobie. "We had the game won"...
I'm feelin'some damage on the right side here.
"Well, can I play on Friday?"
I think you got a slight tear.
Can he play? Yeah, can I play?
Can he play football?
Can I?
You need to get up to Midland, get an M.R.I.
Can a M.R.I. fix your knee?
Is he the one player you can't do without?

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