Friday Night Lights (2004): the Final Third Quarter


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The clip the final third quarter from Friday Night Lights (2004) with Derek Luke, Billy Bob Thornton

** [Crowd Cheering]
That's it, baby!
Let go offense!
Lead and roll.
Spread right Eagle.
Are you hungry?
Thank you.
They're killin' us with their size.
They're playing some hard-hitting football.!
Get off the ball!
Drive hard!
We will not be able to live, do you realize that?
Let the boy play. Get your guys back.
Golly bum!
"Z" up 543. Get to the first landmark or I'm gonna hit you as soon as you get there.
On one, ready.
Get hell into the snap!
Show me somethin'!
Did you see that? That's the way to play ball.
You know that was a bad call!
Now if he backs up on the next series, it'll be over.
He can't drop back fast enough, all right? Yeah, it's good.
** [Sportscaster #1] After the blowout of the first half,
we've seen a showcase of defense here in the third quarter.
The score closing with Carter on top, 26-14.
10:25 remains in the fourth quarter.
It's third and ten for Carter as Whitaker is pinned and hit Drake for six.
Tackled by Thomas. It's gonna be fourth down.
You know Carter's going for it on fourth.
Unbelievable.! James is not even gonna consider a punt.!
So now Whitaker on fourth down as Carter will go for it.
He's gonna look for Graf. Graf's the main receiver, and this one bounces off the turf.
Oh, incomplete.
No way. Got that touchdown.
Look, did you see it? I'm gonna talk to him.
Well, I wanna talk to whoever "did" see it!
I wanna talk to whoever "did" see it!

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