Friday Night Lights (2004): Don's Run


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The clip don's run from Friday Night Lights (2004) with Lucas Black

Let's go, baby. It's in your hands. Don't think about that shoulder. Just keep driving your feet.
"l"right wiggle, 34 switchblade.
For the state championship. I love all y'all, baby.
I love all of ya. Let's go on one, ready? Break.!
Fifty-five thousand people in the Houston Astrodome, folks,
and every seat is empty because everyone is on their feet.
His offensive line digs in.
The Carter defense digs in to face it.
Down! Switch.
312.! 312.!
Come on. Run it right down his throat.
Hut.! He hands it off to Don Billingsley.!
Billingsley is lookin' like Larry Csonka.!
Come on.
"Billingsley holds it, runs over" another Dallas Carter Cowboy.
"Down to the" one-"yard line."
What guts to call that play.! Fooled everybody on the field.
"Clay, wait a minute. I'm seeing" a hold call by the official.
Dad gum it! Ten-yard penalty. Still fourth down.
That's bullshit!

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