Friday Night Lights (2004): Team Meeting


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The clip team meeting from Friday Night Lights (2004) with Lee Jackson

What in the hell happened on that...
That's right, Green. You understand that?
Forty yards? Hell no!
"You guys are" not "doin'" any pass blockin;
You're just steppin' aside and lettin' 'em walk in...
Pop, pop, pop! That's what I want! All of you around that ball!
To go for two and get it every single time? That is ridiculous.
Do you realize they have not even kicked a field goal yet? Just relax.
We not tryin' to coach y'all now.
Coach done gave y'all all these adjustments, okay?
If you do everything the coach told you to do... Two-point conversions,
I want those gone. Here is what we're gonna do.
We're gonna use our speed. "We're gonna run Texas power"...
What's wrong with y'all? Y'all are playin' like some little girls!
Y'all act like you never played football before! These guys are nothin'!
You hear me?
They bleed just like we do.
Yes, sir!
And sweat just like we do.
Do you hear me?
They went through two-a-days.
We went through two-a-days in 110 degree heat!
Yes, sir!
I want you to hit everything that move! If the ref gets in your way, you hit him!
Okay, then. Let's play!
They're cheatin' us too!
They're against us too. This is our team. This is us!
Let's go right now! Let's get it off now and let's go!
Permian is gonna have to step up here and establish some offensive confidence.
** [Indistinct Cheering]

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