Friday Night Lights (2004): Final Match 2


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The clip final match 2 from Friday Night Lights (2004)

Right here! Take 'em.
West Texas football, baby.
Whitaker comes to the line.
Okay, let's go.
Come on, D.
Looks across. Calls the cadence.
Hands to his running back. Grande.!
Let it go. Let it go. Let it go.
Damn it, boy!
Mike, I want you to show 'em who we are.
Yes, sir.
Okay? Show 'em who we are. Execute.!
As Winchell gathers his teammates up into a huddle,
he can see on the big clock down in the end zone...
one minute and 40 seconds to play. Break!
One time out left, and he has 75 yards of Astrodome turfto go.
Green, 12, hut, hut, hut!
Winchell wings it off to Comer. Comer has it, picks up a block.
That a way, Comer!
On three!
Off to Billingsley. Billingsley breaks out a big event.
We're at a first down.
Way to go, son!
"Stop the clock" for goin'out ofbounds.
Okay. Let's go. Let's go. Let's get wild!
Come on, Michael!
He wasn't ready!
Let's go! Let's go!
Winchell adds time as he drops back. He's looking to the right.
Payne is wide open down the right sideline.!
The pass is in the air.!
This Tennessee-bound tracer comes halfway across the field to knock the ball loose.
Payne had it.
"I'll tell you. Mike Winchell, folks," showin'how tough he is.
Come on, baby, get up!
Hang in there under unsurmounting pressure.
Winchell appears to be okay, folks. He's one tough dude.
He's back on his feet. Let's go, baby! We need you, Mike!
"l" right. 90.
Mike, you all right?
You all right?
Yeah, I'm all right, man.
"Under a minute to play"... "52 seconds"...
Winchell will scan, pick it to Comer. It's a bootleg pass.!

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