Eastern Promises (2007): Meeting at Sauna


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The clip meeting at sauna from Eastern Promises (2007)

I spent two years in the punishment block.
You went through the Crosses in St Petersburg?
I was in solitary confinement a dozen times.
I was called 'The Stump' because they couldn't shift me.
Your father was a bitch and a weak fucker for working for the Government.
That's right.
He means nothing to me.
-My mother... -You have no mother.
She was a whore anyway.
I have no mother and no father.
There is only the code, the vory v zakone code...
...which I have always followed.
That is why there is an empty space above your heart...
...where the stars will go.
And an empty space on your knees.
I am dead already.
I died when I was fifteen.
Now I live in the zone all the time.

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