Cry-Baby (1990): Getting Sentenced Part 2


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The clip getting sentenced Part 2 from Cry-Baby (1990) with Robert Walsh

Mrs. Vernon-Williams...
are you aware that Negroes were present at tonight's disturbance?
My granddaughter is fond of all kinds of music.
l am going to release Allison this one time...
because you are a fine and beautiful woman, Mrs. Vernon-Williams.
But not you, Cry-Baby Walker.
The only place you're going to sing is in jail.
l find you guilty of rampant juvenile delinquency...
and l hereby sentence you...
to the Maryland Training School for Boys until your 21st birthday.
Court dismissed.
Lock him up!
You can't lock up his music!
l'll get out, sugar dumpling, if it's the last thing l do!
l swear.

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