Cry-Baby (1990): Put on Trial Part 2


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The clip put on trial Part 2 from Cry-Baby (1990) with Robert Walsh, Kim McGuire

Let him out. Let the words of the Saviour be heard.
No wonder your children are in trouble.
And you, Miss Malnorowski....
By the way, that's a shame about your face.
There's nothing the matter with my face.
l got character.
l see that your parents haven't taken the trouble to come to get you.
Oh, yes, we did.
You happy now, Mona? You finally did it.
You put your own mother in an iron lung.
Mrs. Malnorowski, there is no smoking in this courtroom.
Why not?
l pay taxes on cigarettes, don't l?
And what do l get for those taxes? Happiness? Hell, no.
l get tuberculosis.
Christ! Now l got a flat tyre.

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