Cry-Baby (1990): Getting Sentenced


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The clip getting sentenced from Cry-Baby (1990) with Johnny Depp, Polly Bergen

l'm going to release these delinquents to their parents' custody.
And if they were mine...
l'd give them a bare-assed whipping.
They can sing, Your Honour. You should hear them.
lt's new, it's exciting.
We don't know what to call it. lt sort of rocks, man, it spins.
Let me get the right words. lt twirls.
Ramona and Belvedere Rickettes, l find you guilty of disturbing the peace...
and l fine the both of you $1,000.
-That's all we have. -How are we supposed to live?
Damn you. Handcuff those brats.
Don't touch my children.
And you, Pepper Walker...
l'm going to have your two children...
put in the custody of the Chatterbox Orphanage...
until they're adopted by God-fearing parents...
who at least will give them Christian names.
Not my children. They're my flesh and blood. They're all l have!
Get away from them.
Don't you touch them kids!
Come on.
PEPPER: l love you, children.
Wade Walker, better known as Cry-Baby...
what a sad and silly name for a young man.
You were the ringleader in tonight's gang war.
Grandmother, help him. We were just singing together.
Judge, let Allison go and l'll take the full blame.
l didn't mean no harm, Mrs. Vernon-Williams.
l may be a Drape, but l love your granddaughter.
And if that's a crime, l'll stand convicted, ma'am.
Your Honour, l am Allison's grandmother.
And if Mr. Walker does have musical talent...
l am willing to give him a second chance.
Won't you? The boy is at least polite.

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