The Janky Promoters (2009): Arriving at the Theatre Part 2


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The clip arriving at the theatre Part 2 from The Janky Promoters (2009)

Oh, man. What?
Hey! Who the hell y'all with?
Bullshit. Semore invited all y'all?
Where the hell is he?
Over there.
Hey, y'all better have backstage passes.
Everybody better have a pass.
Free tickets for every goddamn body up in this building.
Hey, Nick, get your big ass out the way.
Where you think you going?
I'm Russell Redds, the promoter. That's my son in there!
That may be true, but you can't enter until he says it's okay.
So wait here.
I know your uncle too!
He's getting a massage. What you want?
Dollar, it's me. Hey, yo, Semore!
Your pop's out here.
Yo, Russell, there's this guy standing out there named Mondo.
Don't let him in, all right? Just tell him l'm working on it.
Thank you.
Gotta pat you down first.
Are you serious?
That motherfucker ain't even famous!

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