The Janky Promoters (2009): Angry Audience and Promoters Part 2


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The clip angry audience and promoters Part 2 from The Janky Promoters (2009)

Let's roll, man.
We got your money. That ain't shit.
Little old chump change.
Man, you ain't got to be all hostile like that.
You have a nice show.
Yeah, have a nice show, brother.
You need to freeze some of that meat on the back of your head.
Get off the stage!
SEMORE: Somebody say yeah.
You see the look on that motherfucker's face when i told him?
"l thought you was bigger than that."
No, did you see the look on your face
when he said that you was a sorry-ass promoter?
You looked stupid as a motherfucker.
Just give me the money so we can pay these clowns.
I-i-i tried to tell you when i pulled up, man.
I tried to tell you when i pulled up.
Regina's husband tried to run us over, man.
What's that got to do with the money?
Look, i tried to offset it,
'cause I thought we was gonna have a walk-up crowd.
You started yelling at me, and then i messed up money.
Come on through. What that got to do with anything?
What that got to do, man? Look, look, look, don't tell me.
Don't tell me. Jellyroll, do you have this man's money?
No, i don't have the money, but...
This watch.
Oh, man! I don't give a goddamn about that damn watch.
Oh, Lord, no...
Come on, man, the Lord ain't got nothing to do with this.
Jesus Christ.
Oh, man, don't tell me you gave up this man's money!
You know i mess up money all the time!
That ain't business!
I've got a sickness, man!
That ain't business, man! Goddamn!
Yo, what's popping?
After party.
Y'all ready for Young Jeezy?
You're gonna see Yung Semore right now.

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