The Janky Promoters (2009): Rappers Disappear


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The clip rappers disappear from The Janky Promoters (2009)

Hey, Percy, man, our reputation in Modesto is in jeopardy as of now.
Okay, call me back, brother, please.
Please, brother, please. Call me back, brother, please.
Damn, why you didn't call me?
Man, Regina's trifling ass came over there
and put it on me and had me in the bed for about an hour.
Okay, what time did you get to the hotel?
I got there about 9:OO, 9:30.
Look, i already see where you're trying to go.
It ain't my fault.
It is your fault.
I don't know how, but l know it's your fault.
Don't start.
Why you bring Mondo into--?
Mondo wanted to invest with Jellyroll Entertainment.
You just mad 'cause i got investors
and you ain't got none, going on with all that.
Twenty Gs, dog? You don't need 20 Gs!
Don't worry about the internal affairs of Jellyroll Entertainment.
Like i said, all you need to worry about is that Aruba money.
Stay out of my goddamn business.
Can i ask you just one thing, FYI, okay, for your information,
or just for my information.
Come on with it.
How the hell you gonna get Jeezy to show up at some after party
if he won't even show up to our show?
You just stay out of my business.
Just worry about that Aruba money.
Your business is my business! Remember that!
Yeah, Yung Semore in the building, baby.

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