The Janky Promoters (2009): Rappers Arrive in Modesto Part 2


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The clip rappers arrive in modesto Part 2 from The Janky Promoters (2009)

I'm always backing that up, hey!
That's how you pull a bitch in Modesto, man.
Yeah, whatever, man. She was giving me a little rub.
You saw, like, all on that nigger.
Fuck that, bro. Where the motherfucking car at?
l don't know where these dumb-ass promoters are.
Let me try to get him on the phone.
Call the nigger or something.
I got you covered.
Russell Redds, Incorporated.
We winning, please don't hate it.
What's up, Russell?
Who's this?'
It's Percy. man.
What's up, Percy?
How you doin', man? What's going on?
We sitting here at the airport. Ain't no damn fucking limo.
You don't see my limo?
Ain't no limo.
I talked to my chauffeur 20 minutes ago. He said he was on his way.
Listen, man, you got the hottest rapper sitting out here on curbside.
Tell me you ain't know that!
I did not know that.
I'm-a call you back.
Cover your ass up.
'cause i ain't gonna be chewed out for some shit y'all fucking up.
All right, dude, l'll call you right back.
Call me right-
hello? Hello?

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