The Janky Promoters (2009): Planning an After Party


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The clip planning an after party from The Janky Promoters (2009)

You talk all that gangsta shit in them music albums,
and now you all nervous 'cause we in the real projects.
Ain't nobody motherfucking nervous, man.
My partner want to do an after party. What y'all want to do?
Fuck the after party.
I'll be right back.
No, come on, man!
Bring your ass home!
Ike Turner-suit-wearing motherfucker.
Mondo! I'm back, baby.
What'd he say?
He said he'll do it, but it's gonna cost you.
How much?
Twenty Gs.
Twenty Gs!
Twenty Gs, brother.
He said 20 Gs up front or he can't do it.
That's what the man's saying. I ain't, you know...
Let me talk to him.
You can't talk to him, now.
You gonna scare the shit out of him. They all scared of real niggers.
Soon as you come out there, they're gonna say, "Tupac's alive!"
But how's this shit work? The whole 20 Gs now?
You gotta give him the whole 20 Gs right now, up front.
Fuck it. We gonna do it big.
VIP, VIG. Wait right here.
You are the best drug dealer.
Hey, man, y'all hanging with one of the nicest drug dealers
i ever seen in my life.
Jellyroll, you be hustling?
Hey, we got to do it.
He don't show up...
that's his ass and yours.
Sure it's his ass. We gonna kill him together.
I ain't playing.
I heard-
hey, man, that's--
D-BOY: No joke, man.
Get Jeezy out of the projects.

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