Awake (2007): Discussing the Transplant


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The clip discussing the transplant from Awake (2007)

Is this about your old man?
Is it about him?
Jesus, I'm not going through this again, Jack.
Honestly, he would want you to tell her.
No, my father would want me
to stop fishing in the middle of the day
and go back to work, all right?
If he knew what I was doing with Sam, he'd disown me,
lying to my mom like this.
He'd throw me in the fucking river.
I want you to take a good look around you, Clay.
You own half of this city.
You're creating jobs, you're saving companies.
I think you've more than filled his shoes, you know?
My dad's feet were four sizes bigger than mine, Jack.
I can't even fill his socks.
Look, I got the rings, didn't I?
I got the license.
No, no, no, no. It's not that difficult.
You set a date and you just do it.
It's not that easy, either.
I mean, marriage...
Look, she's your mother.
You tell her and, I swear to you, she'll be happy.
You don't know my mother.
Listen, thanks for the fishing lesson.
I'm leaving, all right?
All right, man.
Look, just... just come on with me.
You know how many bullshit malpractice lawsuits
there are in this country?
I mean, a hard-working doctor is trying...
Are we going to go through this again, Jack?
Well, look, I've got...
Four. Yes, I know.
All for trying to save people's lives.
It's a disgrace.
Well, you know why they sue us?
I have a very busy day.
It's because they don't know what to do with their grief.
It's because people need someone to blame.
It's because of patients like you
who cannot accept the facts.
Come on in.
Get acquainted. Lie down.
Only because you're my friend.
I'm your doctor.
Get comfortable.
How's it feel?

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