Awake (2007): the New Heart Arrives


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The clip the new heart arrives from Awake (2007)

Well, I'm sick of the cutbacks.
I mean, how can they ask us to do this with five people?
Yeah. You want to clamp that?
Ah, that's good Miss Chen.
Heart came early.
Yeah, there she is.
Thanks, Penny.
Look at her. She's a beauty.
He's a lucky man.
Oh, by the way, I've got two tickets
to the Knicks, third row, tonight, Penny.
Any interest?
No, thanks.
What, is it too American for you?
We're halfway home, Sam.
See where you live?
The new heart's already here.
That's you. Right there.
They're gonna put it in soon.
Not that far away from each other after all,
are we Clay?
Come with me. I want to show you something.
God, I miss you.
Stay with me.
Just stay.
We're almost there, Sam.
We're almost there.
How are we doin', Penny?
He's looking good. He's stable.
What about you, Jack? You wanna go to the Knicks tonight?
It might be good for you to take the edge off.
I hate the Knicks.
Jesus, what is wrong with you people?
I got third row.

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