Tai Chi Master (1993): Tienbo Kills Miss Li


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The clip tienbo kills miss li from Tai Chi Master (1993)

Get up. Let me carry you.
Stop pretending.
you traitor!
you dragged them to death.
Go to your good brother for wealth and poor!
My poor brothers, how you have died!
I'll kill you.
He doesn't feel any better than you.
He was betrayed by the one he trusted most.
We mustn't blame him.
It's all your fault!
Let's go back!
I'll go save them by myself.
I know you'll be mad at me.
But I just wanted to save you.
Those rebels would have met their fate sooner or later.
The most important thing is,
we'll be together ever after.
I thought you're a ruthless person.
I've never realized that you can't even give up a woman.
Master... I was being too impulsive. I beg your forgiveness.
I'll kill you.

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