Tai Chi Master (1993): Junbao Faces Tienbo


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The clip junbao faces tienbo from Tai Chi Master (1993)

Don't get mad.
Be careful of Master Liu.
Step back.
Step back.
Junbao, you've become smarter by taking Master Liu as a hostage.
I've been a smart man all my life.
I'll never employ such tricks.
What do you want?
I wanna tell you.
you've chosen a way of no return.
you've always been inferior to me,
in terms of conspiracies and martial arts.
I've even exploited you once. you're no equivalent to me.
Tell him to kneel.
you're kneeling to me now...
How will you defeat me?
Junbao, didn't you like to help people?
I earned my power by paying a lot of efforts.
I won't give it up.
Do me a favor.
Release Master Liu.
Fame and wealth are only temporary.
I'm acting for Heaven.
I'm my own God.

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