Tai Chi Master (1993): the Disguise


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The clip the disguise from Tai Chi Master (1993)

It stinks!
They're over there! After them!
Guess who I am!
Where are those two damned monks?
I look like a Cedan native.
So do you.
What are you playing?
It's a game devised by us.
Teach me!
If you win, you'll be senior. If you lose, you'll be junior.
But he's senior every time.
you're just being slow.
you must be cheating!
If you play with me, I'll be your godmother!
Get away!
Master Liu will offer his respect to Buddha! Move!
How prevailing!
If he's a Buddhist, why is he so cruel?
He's like a snake inside.
He's Liu Jin, the Royal Eunuch!
He's killed less people than usual today!
I wish I could be as prevailed as he.
Go be a eunuch then.
Why not?
"Fu Shao Restaurant"

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