Tai Chi Master (1993): in the Market


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The clip in the market from Tai Chi Master (1993)

Ladies and gentleman, hope you enjoy the show!
Which school do you think is that?
They're just street entertainers!
Why do they shave only half of their hair?
They stink! They must have come from Cedan!
I'm starving.
Me, too. Let's go beg for alms.
No one pays attention to us!
Are they all that poor?
No. We're just being useless!
I bet that girl over there won't turn us down!
If she has money, she won't have to perform on the street.
you son of a...
May all of you benefactors have a long and prosperous life!
No wonder we had bad luck today!
It's all you stinking monks!
Happy birthday, benefactors!
Wish us good luck in gambling!
Cut the crap!
There's no need to be rude!
Excuse me!
It's alright!
Reverend, do you know someone called Murong Bei?
Sorry to bother you!
She's looking for someone; we're looking for food!
We need a job, too.
To earn money.
I've realized that Shaolin Temple is the best.

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