The Border (1982): the Van Was Empty Part 2


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The clip the van was empty Part 2 from The Border (1982)

What are you waitin' for?
I looked. I'm tellin' ya, I looked.
Come off it, Charlie.
I looked, goddamn it, and there wasn't no fuckin' Wets in that fuckin' truck!
All right, you keep on tellin' yourself whatever it is you wanna believe! All right?
But it ain't gonna change the fact there's a pair of Wets...
in the back of that goddamn van!
Now you listen up, Charlie.
I'm gonna cover you on this, but from now on, you do exactly like I say.
If I say a pissant could haul a bale o' cotton,
you don't question me... you just hitch that fucker up!
Now you go ahead and push them pepper bellies in that goddamn hole!
What's wrong now?
Is somethin' wrong now?
No, nothin'.

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