The Border (1982): No More


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The clip no more from The Border (1982) with Jack Nicholson

Just tell the boys where to spot that sofa.
Be careful goin' through the door, you all.
I think it'll look nice right over there.
What about this thing and the breakfront?
Oh. Well, I don't know.
I think the...
And the breakfront over there by the wall.
Get it right in that corner there.
Well, we'll just put it right in there.
Um, yeah, I think...
If there's anything else, ma'am,
you just speak right up.
You want the plastic on or off the sofa?
I want it out.
Oh. Oh, hi, honey. You're up.
Um, I was, uh... I was gonna surprise you.
Um, I think I'll take the plastic off myself, okay?
Very well, ma'am. That's all. Sign here.
Okay. Thank you.
I think we should have the plastic made into permanent covers.
They say you can extend the life of your combo by a couple of years if you...
No more, Marcy. No more is no more.
No more does not mean more and more and more.
No more means no more.
Don't you understand? I am doin' this for us, Charlie.
All our goddamn money is left locked up in this goddamn house!
By the time they take the mortgage payments out of my paycheck,
there's not enough left to buy you a fuckin' box of tampons!
I am doin' the best that I know how to make you a dream house.
I want this for you.
I can't afford a fuckin' dream house!
But... But...
I can't afford it.
You got it?
All you ever do is yell about money, money, money!
Don't you care... Oh!
I'm sorry.
Charlie, do you know something?
All I ever do is try to make you happy.
I'm sorry.

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