The Border (1982): the Prisoners in the Station


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The clip the prisoners in the station from The Border (1982)

Quieres agua, hombre?
No, no quiero agua.
This here's my eye, Charlie.
How ya doin'?
He works with us on the other side.
Manuel, Charlie.
Como esta, Manuel?
Aqui, no mas.
They can use you over in the write-up room.
You got any idea what they're gettin' for Wets delivered up north?
Haven't got a clue.
Five hundred and fifty bucks a head.
Well, I guess we're sendin' them the wrong way, aren't we?
Hell, Texas's been runnin' on Wet labor since before I was born.
Does pretty damn good too. You think this country'd get by without Wets?
You go out on some boilin' hot day...
and pick your own lettuce and tomatoes and beans and onions.
Jimbo, sounds like you're figurin' on turnin' in that uniform...
and becomin' a coyote.
Brush up on his Spanish and he'd make a damn good coyote.
Hey, Charlie, how you spell illiterate?
Only a gourd-head would ask a stupid question like that.
Look it up in the dictionary.
How're you supposed to look it up if you can't spell it?
Como se llama, usted?
Here ya go, Charlie. Got a live one for ya.

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