The Border (1982): the New House


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The clip the new house from The Border (1982)

They're here now!
Just look at it! It's just like the picture says.
Charlie, I'm in paradise. I believe I'm gonna sprout wings and a halo!
Marcy! Marcy!
I'm so glad to see you!
I'm the welcome wagon!
Look at you! Oh, we're here!
Oh, we made it! I can't believe it!
Oh, you look so good!
This here's Charlie.
Well, now, he's really cute.
And you're Cat!
Real nice to meet you.
You must be Timmy. Aren't you the darlin'est thing!
How ya doin', Charlie?
Fine. Doin' fine.
Have a nice trip?
Yeah. Nice to meet you.
This is Timmy. Shake the man's hand, son.
Don't you wanna see what you bought yourself?
Come on in.
I turned the air conditioner on.
Don't go havin' vapors, honey. You wait.
It's blazin', huh?
Carry her.
You have got to carry her.
Sa... Savannah.
Savannah, come on.
The man's just driven a thousand miles.
I've put on a little...
Go on now. Cross the threshold.
We've been married 11 years.
Okay. I suppose it's never too late.
Come on. I'll carry you in.
Up you go. Oh!
Atta boy! You got her.
Don't bump me into the door!
Oh. Oh!
It's just... It's beautiful!
It's just perfectly beautiful!
Oh! It's so lovely. I don't believe it!
And that's where we'll put the Nu-Vue.
Nu-Vue just happens to be one of the top pool manufacturing companies.
Oh, I could cry! Really.
I think you're all gonna like it here.
Oh-ho. Oh, I know we are.
Dad, I wanna go swimming.
Okay, Timmy, go ahead. Don't stay in too long now.

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