Seabiscuit (2003): Red's Demons Part 5


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The clip red's demons Part 5 from Seabiscuit (2003)

Hey, Charles. What do you think finally turned this horse around?
Well, I think we just gave him a chance.
Sometimes all somebody needs is a second chance.
I think there are a lot of people out there...
know just what I'm talking about.
You got that right.
Here, boys. Take some horseshoes with you. Right here, Charles.
Hey, thanks. These are special.
Never run out of luck.
Sam! Where the hell are my horseshoes?
You quit? I can't work like this.
He's not a parade animal. He's a racehorse.
Look, Tom, a little bit of public relations...
I can't get him to be a great horse...
if I can't get the time to work with him.
What do you mean? He is a great horse.
We don't know that yet. He's won six stakes in a row.
Against who?
This... This is a great horse.
First he smashed them in the Kentucky Derby.
Then he crushed them in the Preakness.
Then he destroyed all comers in the Belmont to snatch the Triple Crown.
At almost 18 hands, he's as big as he is fast.
Eighteen hands? Can't be too fast a runner.
Yeah, he's big.
Born of perfect breeding, displaying perfect form, boasting a perfect record,

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