Seabiscuit (2003): Red's Demons Part 6


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The clip red's demons Part 6 from Seabiscuit (2003) with Eddie Jones

the millionaire Mr. Riddle may have finally created the perfect horse.
Until next time, this is Horace Halstedter for Metrotone News.
What the hell does that mean anyway?
Perfect. He's perfect.
What the hell does "perfect" mean?
What? You show me something that's perfect,
I'll show you something that's not.
Look, he's obviously the best horse in the East.
We're obviously the best horse in the West.
The country deserves to see which horse is better.
Yo-ho-ho-ho! You may not be able to see it, folks, but the gauntlet just landed on my desk.
Are we talking about a match race?
Whatever Mr. Riddle wants. Match race, stakes race, potato sack race.
Just 'cause we're littler doesn't mean we're scared.
Right you are, and in the heartland of America,
every little guy knows exactly what you mean.
You hear that, Mr. Riddle? You have an appointment with destiny, a date with...
Destiny. Destiny. Yes, exactly.
So destiny, and his name is Seabiscuit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Does Seabiscuit stand a chance... I'm glad they finally have racing in California.
Do they use Western saddles out there?
Comparing these two horses is ridiculous.
War Admiral is a real racehorse...
who's won every prestigious race in America.
This little colt of theirs is running out on some cow track.
If we responded to every fledgling challenger...
who wants to make a name for themselves,
it wouldn't be fair to us.

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