Seabiscuit (2003): Leaving Red with Mr. Blodget


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The clip leaving red with Mr. Blodget from Seabiscuit (2003)

Yeah, your boy combed 'em out, changed all the tack. I didn't have to tell him a thing.
Hey, Red, - Attaboy!
Where'd a young fella like you learn so much about horses?
His name's Johnny.
You can call me Red.
Yeah! Whoo! Yeah!
What's wrong? What's wrong?
What's that? Everything.
Dickens, Wordsworth.
There's your Arabian Nights and Moby Dick, even your Milne, from when you were...
Why? What's wrong?
Mr. Blodget here, he has a house, a real house. Dad... Dad, what's wrong?
And his wife cooks.
She is a good cook.
No. No. Shh. Dad. Shh. There's even a phone next door. We'll call you.
Every couple of weeks, we'll call you, and we'll tell you where we are. No. No.
We're just gonna go home, all right? Let's go. Listen to me.
You have a gift. You have a gift.
Don't... Don't do this.

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