Seabiscuit (2003): Possibility of Racing


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The clip possibility of racing from Seabiscuit (2003)

Is it even possible? Sure.
Most folks don't give it a chance.
Most folks just...
The best thing to do is get him down there and let him gallop a little.
That's the only way we're really gonna know.
Can he handle that?
Sure. I mean, I-I think so.
He worked great. I couldn't feel a thing.
Why don't we give him a full work on Friday morning.
Maybe six furlongs. See what we got.
Sure. I'll be here.
Thanks, George. You're welcome.
Comin' along.
Could he be ready?
For what? Come on. You know what.
Top of the morning to you.
That's, uh... That's a nice colt. Who is he?
Just a two-year-old. He's not ready yet. Ah.
I thought maybe you were getting a horse ready for the hundred grander.
No. Just a two-year-old.

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