Seabiscuit (2003): Instructions for a New Jockey


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The clip instructions for a new jockey from Seabiscuit (2003)

Are you gonna scratch?
No, we're not gonna scratch.
Red Pollard wants Seabiscuit to win this race more than anything in the world.
He wouldn't let us scratch.
Thank you much. I appreciate it.
You're welcome.
The Iceman cometh.! What a pinch hitter.
Why, it's like getting Babe Ruth off the bench. Nerves of steel, ice water in his veins.
Why, George Woolf is...
They can get the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse as far as I'm concerned.
Won't make any difference. War Admiral is a superior horse with superior breeding.
Doesn't matter who the passenger is.
He's got a strong left lead, Georgie.
Banks like a friggin' airplane.
He might need help switching to it, so ease him off the rail just before the turn.
Like you did in the Gold Cup. Exactly.
He needs a good warm-up, so take him out slow.
When you do ask him, don't use the whip.
Just flick it twice, show him it's there. He'll know it's time.
And, um, never on the left side.
They hit him on the left side when he was a baby.
I wish it was you, Johnny. Aw, come on.
I'll be right there with you.
Ay, ya, ya, ya, ya!
Great. Now, show him the stick at the quarter pole,
and he'll give you a whole new gear.
Okay, now,
force him to that left lead a little earlier,
and he'll give you even more.
Now, shut the door.

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