Airport 1975 (1974): the Press Find out


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The clip the press find out from Airport 1975 (1974) with George Kennedy, Charlton Heston

We gotta make sure she holds altitude.
Colonel Moss is on his way.
What's the fuel situation?
We have a complication.
The air-force fighter says there's a fuel leak in the right wing.
Oh, damn!
That Nancy's some woman.
She'd better be.
How much can we ask of her?
There's a call for you, Mr Patroni.
Everything, I guess.
Your information is correct, but we're clearing everything out of our LA office.
Our concern is for the safety of those people. Excuse me.
Who's that?
A guy named Purcell.
Owns a TV station. He's sending a remote unit.
What? We don't have any bodies yet.
Take it easy. We'll need all the good press we can get.
Let's go find that colonel and get that rendezvous course plotted.

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