Airport 1975 (1974): the Manager Trying to Figure Stuff out


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The clip the manager trying to figure stuff out from Airport 1975 (1974) with Ed Nelson, George Kennedy

They're gonna have to make a course correction or hit the mountains.
I want Al Murdock on this. Try his apartment.
Listen. How much time do you estimate before a course correction is needed?
Ouch. All right, hang on.
Have them get Exec One ready. We'll take the Lear to Salt Lake.
I understand. We're getting Al Murdock on this.
He was our chief instructor pilot on 747 s for four years.
I'll get back to you.
It's ringing.
Look, you're gonna have to handle the news people on this.
When the story breaks, there's gonna be relatives and friends.
Won't the directors want you to handle that?
My wife and son are in that plane. I'm going to Salt Lake City.
I'm sorry, Joe. How the hell are we gonna get that aircraft?
I don't know. That plane can do almost anything.
Murdock knows more about it than anybody. Where is he?
No answer.
Wait. He was going out to meet 409.
Try the VIP lounge.
How's it flying now?
How much damage was there?
Not a great deal.
There's just a big hole in it where the pilots usually sit.
Yeah? Right.
Exec One is ready when you are.
All right.
They're paging Murdock.
Tell him to get his ass to Exec One.
Al Murdock, emergency call. Al Murdock.

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