The Mummy Returns (2001): Going to See Izzy


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The clip going to see izzy from The Mummy Returns (2001) with Rachel Weisz, Brendan Fraser

This is the magic carpet?
It'll be fine. He's a professional.
He definitely remembers you.
He's a little shy. Jonathan, get our bags.
Oh, my hands are full.
Right. I'll get the bags.
I'll deal with the flight details.
Honey, you're not a subtle man.
We don't have time for subtle.
Izzy, come here.
Doesn't look happy to see you.
Never turned me down yet.
Whatever it is, whatever you need, I don't care. Forget it, O'Connell.
Every time I hook up with you, I get shot.
Last time I got shot in the ass. I'm in mourning for my ass.
Remember that bank job in Marrakesh?
Bank job?
It's not like it sounds.
It's exactly how it sounds.
I'm flying high, hiding in the sun.
The white boy here flags me down, so I fly in low for the pick-up.
The next thing you know, I get shot.
I'm lying in the middle of the road with my spleen hanging out...
and I see him waltzing up with some belly dancer girl.
Belly dancer girl?
Izzy, I think you and I should talk.
As long as I don't get shot.
Quit your whining. You're gonna get paid this time.
Have you looked around here any? What do I need money for?
What the hell am I gonna spend it on?
I'm gonna keep this short. My little boy's out there.

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