The Mummy Returns (2001): Alex Meets Imhotep Part 2


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The clip alex meets imhotep Part 2 from The Mummy Returns (2001) with Arnold Vosloo, Freddie Boath

So with that in mind-
We want ten.
The agreement was for five.
Well, we want ten or we'll take it elsewhere.
If you-
Ten will be just fine.
Follow me, gentlemen.
Get in.
it is you who are the chosen one...
you who will take me to Ahm Shere.
What if I don't? What if I get a little lost?
You have strength, little one.
You are your father's son, but I know something you don't.
This bracelet is a gift...
and a curse.
The sands of time...
have already begun to pour against you.
Yeah, I already heard this part.
From the minute I put the bracelet on...
seven days do I have before the Scorpion King wakes up.
Did you also hear that if you do not enter the pyramid...
before the sun strikes it on that very morning...
that the bracelet will suck the life out of you?
That part I missed.
Hey, wait a minute. That means I've only got five days left.
Then I believe it will be best if we do not get lost, don't you?
My dad is going to kick your ass.
I do not think so.

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