The Mummy Returns (2001): Alex Puts on the Bracelet


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The clip alex puts on the bracelet from The Mummy Returns (2001) with Freddie Boath, Rachel Weisz

What do I do with this chest?
Sucker weighs a god dang ton.
Alex, watch your language.
Rather weighty, this.
Evy, that first weird dream of yours was exactly six weeks ago, right?
Yes, but what's that got to do with anything?
It just happens to coincide with Egyptian New Year.
That's right. What a coincidence.
All I'm saying is let's be cautious.
If anything happened to you, I would never forgive myself.
You and Alex are the only thing that matter to me.
the Bembridge scholars have been begging me...
to run the British Museum.
Cripes, how do you get this thing off?
Have I kissed you today?
I hate it when you do that.
Makes me agree to anything.

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