Problem Child 2 (1991): LaWanda Threatens Junior


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The clip LaWanda threatens Junior from Problem Child 2 (1991) with Laraine Newman

But, Dad, I swear, she hates me.
We had a deal and you let me down.
She's different from all the others.
LaWanda is bad.
Junior, you think all women are bad. That woman has nothing but good intentions.
She made us dinner and this is how you pay her back?
I am really disappointed in you.
I don't think I'll ever be able to trust you again.
Benjamin, I hope you weren't too harsh on him.
I think I've failed as a father.
Oh, no, not at all.
There's only so much you can handle.
A father's good for some things, but you need a mother for emotional guidance.
Values... Morality?
Perhaps I should talk to the boy?
Well, yeah. That might be...
Listen here, you little monster.
I am mightier than you are.
And I always get what I want, so back off.
Because whether you like it or not, I am gonna marry your daddy.
And when I do, you'll be on the first plane to boarding school,
in Baghdad.
Dad, you gotta believe me. She said Baghdad.

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