Problem Child 2 (1991): Cockroaches in Food at Dinner


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The clip cockroaches in food at dinner from Problem Child 2 (1991) with Michael Oliver

What have you been up to?
None of your business.
You're not my mother.
You are a mean little boy.
Go up to your room and change your clothes. I will not have an unkempt boy at my table.
Your table?
I hate clowns!
This woman is bustin' my balls!
Hey, guys, what are you doing for dinner tonight?
I would like to make a toast to a terrific lady
who has made us feel so welcome in our new town,
who's fixed up our house, and cooked us this incredible feast.
Hear, hear.
To LaWanda.
To LaWanda.
To LaWanda.
That is so sweet.
I hope y'all enjoy this.
I had my staff compile their favourite recipes.
Well, I for one am famished, so let's eat.
What in the hell is in this salad?
It's blue cheese.
Oh, my God.
All right, come on! Get LaWanda!

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