Problem Child 2 (1991): Junior Causes an Explosion at a Neighbor's Barbecue


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The clip Junior causes an explosion at a neighbor's barbecue from Problem Child 2 (1991) with Michael Oliver

Very... large.
You bet.
Cost me a whole month's paycheck, but it's worth it.
You're not impressed. I guess your wife does the cooking.
No, I'm... not married, actually.
We... broke up.
And you got the kid? Bad deal!
Did you get screwed!
This neighbourhood has a move-in fee.
You have to give each of us ten dollars.
20 bucks?! I'm not giving you diddly-squat.
Pay us or leave!
And with a 50-1 chick to stud ratio in this town, you gotta get started.
Dad, can we go? These people are real dicks.
Well, excuse me, Your Highness.
I didn't realise that simple little me and my simple little family
weren't good enough for your high and mighty tastes.
Hey, I should go and slip on my silk tuxedo
and then we can trot out the champagne and the escargots.
Junior. Try to be polite. We're his guests.
OK, Dad.
I'm sorry about that.
It's all right.
We've taken a long trip and he's just a little tired.
My girls are the same way. Brats.
Healy, go make yourself useful.
Get some more barbecue sauce from the little woman.
Barbecue sauce. Sure thing, neighbour.
Here's to the start of a beautiful meal.

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