Problem Child 2 (1991): Food Fight at Pizza Resturant


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The clip food fight at pizza resturant from Problem Child 2 (1991) with Gilbert Gottfried

Hey, it's Peabody.
I hate that guy. He's got such a grating voice.
Yeah. I'll shut him up.
Here, let me. Terrible kids, just terrible.
That's pretty good. Let me try.
You rotten kids, you should be locked in cages!
You can't talk to them like that.
Screw you, pal!
I can talk about anybody however I want.
Two can play at this game!
Let's get 'em!
All right!
Keep it moving, come on.
Quit pushing, it wasn't our fault.
I got hit on the head with an egg.
You can never come back again.
That's a big loss.
Yeah, we said no olives.
Did everybody get enough to eat?
Annie, you look like you could use some dessert. Right around here.
Your dad's pretty funny.
He takes after me.
Junior, I'm sorry I hit you with the fire hose.
That's OK. I'm sorry I made you barf on the Crazy Dance.

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