The Notebook (2004): Noah's House


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The clip Noah's House from The Notebook (2004)

The melon is good. I had a bite.
Did they ever see each other again?
Noah and Allie?
Now you don't want me to spoil the end of the story
before I get to the good part, do you?
Where did I leave off?
I shall not want.
When Noah's father died in November,
the house was all he had.
He leadeth me down...
In time, Noah finished the house.
Okay, smile. Here we go.
He took a good look at what he had accomplished,
got rip-roaring drunk for 10 days,
thought seriously about setting it on fire,
then finally put the house up for sale.
I'm prepared to offer you this much.
He had a number of interested buyers,
but he always found a reason not to sell it to them.
Either the bids were too low,
or if they met his asking price,
he felt it was worth a lot more.
It's a lot of money, but I'll take it.
That's more than my asking price.
That's right.
It's a great deal more.
He told the man that offered him $5,000 over his price
that no one in his right mind would do that
and he wouldn't have a lunatic living in his house.

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