The Notebook (2004): Mother's Love Story


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The clip Mother's Love Story from The Notebook (2004)

What are we doing here, Mama?
Do you see that man, there?
Don't look like it now, but 25 years ago...
oh my goodness, he was really something.
We were out of our minds in love, let me tell you.
Well, naturally, your grandfather was furious, so...
we decided to run away.
We didn't even make the next town before the police picked us up.
But that was then.
You know sometimes when I'm in the area,
I just stop here and I watch him,
trying to picture how different my life might have been.
I want you to know that I love your father.
Mama, I'm...
No, goddamn it, this is important
and you need to hear it. I do.
He is a wonderful man.
He is good to me and I don't deserve him.
I love him, Allie, I do, I love him.
I know.

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