The Shadow (1994): Meeting with Khan


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The clip meeting with khan from The Shadow (1994)

Nice tie.
Thank you.
By the way... sent Margo Lane to kill me.
Kill you?
If I wanted you dead, Ying Ko, I would've had your liver on a pole by now.
I sent the girl to be killed. Tell me how did you kill her?
She's alive.
Then she's a danger to you.
She now knows exactly who you are. How long will you let her live?
How long before your pure instincts take over?
I'm onto your plan. You still don't have the beryllium sphere.
Without it, you can't complete the bomb.
Besides, you know I'm gonna stop you.
You Americans are so arrogant.
You think your meaningless, decadent country... the new cradle of civilization.
Let me tell you something-
That's the U.S. of A. you're talking about.
I am talking about ruling the world!

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