The Shadow (1994): the Shadow Scares Duke


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The clip the shadow scares duke from The Shadow (1994) with Alec Baldwin

Get him, Johnny.
Let's get this over with.
Get out.
Come on!
Please, I didn't see anything.
Quit your whining.
Is it dry?
Perfect, Duke.
Bring him to the rail.
I won't tell anyone. I swear.
I wish I could trust you, sport. I really do.
I guess you just picked the wrong alley to look down.
I have a family.
They'll get over it.
I won't talk. I'm telling you.
I know you won't.
Dump him.
No. No!
I hate heavy lifting.
What in Christ was that?
Who's there?
Show yourself.
You murdered a policeman, Duke.
Who said that?
Duke, who said that?
Shut up!
The weed of crime bears bitter fruit.
I don't like this. This stinks. Let's get the hell outta here!
Shut your hole, Maxie!
Did you think you'd get away with it?
Come on, Duke!
Did you think I wouldn't know?

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