The Shadow (1994): Finding the Silver Coffin


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The clip finding the silver coffin from The Shadow (1994)

What is it?
That's just it, sir. I don't know.
I'd have labeled it a mummy case coming from Tibet like it did.
Mummy cases come from Egypt.
That's right. Exactly.
Besides, the thing is metal, which made me think it was a sarcophagus.
No. Tibetan sarcophagi were of stone.
What happened to the truck men who dropped it off?
It's obviously an incorrect shipment. Call our customs broker and...
My God!
This is beautiful!
This is solid silver.
Nelson, help us take the sides off.
What does it say?
It's Latin.
'"Kha Khan dei potestas in terra... '"
'"The power of God on Earth... '"
'"... the seal of the emperor of mankind. '"
Oh, my God!
This is the silver coffin of Temujin.
Who's Temujin?
The man who very nearly conquered the globe eight centuries ago.
How come I never heard of him?
Temujin was the birth name...
...of Genghis Khan.

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