Possession (2002): Maud and Roland Kiss


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The clip Maud and Roland Kiss from Possession (2002)

They are and were there."
I don't mind that.
See, you could grow to like Ash.
He's sort of a soft-core misogynist.
Why do you always tie your hair up like that?
It has to do with Fergus Wolfe mostly.
Fergus? How to do with Fergus?
When we met, he drove me mad quoting Yeats.
"Who could love you for yourself alone and not your yellow hair?"
And then I was accused once by my sister feminists at a conference...
of dyeing it to attract men.
Really? Yes.
So I shaved it off, all of it.
And did he?
Did who what? Fergus love you without your yellow hair?
We thought of that.
We drove each other mad. I don't even like him,
but I can't seem to... Freud.
"On the other side of attraction lies repulsion."
Or was that Calvin Klein?
Do you believe that?
Uh, I wouldn't know.
I don't really allow myself to do that Ash/Christabel grand passion kind of thing.
Allow? Yeah.
Jealousy, obsession, all that. Not anymore.

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