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The clip Roland Meets Maud from Possession (2002)

Hey, Fergus.
Ah, hello, Roland.
What is it you chaps always say, "How's it hanging?"
Well, we usually just say "hey." Unless you're gay.
Oh. Listen.
Let me ask you something. Do you know a Dr. Maud Bailey?
Maud! Oh, yes, I know Maud very well.
She teaches Gender Studies at Lincoln.
Oh. Would she be helpful? I'm checking out Christabel LaMotte.
She's a poet, writing around about 1859.
Yes, yes. Why would you be interested in her?
Oh, nothing. It's just I had some requests about Ellen Ash's papers.
But LaMotte's name came up, so...
The keeper of Ellen's flame. I mean, that's the bottom of the food chain, old sport.
Yeah, but I got to stay on the food chain, old sport. That's why I do it.
Right. Well, "Publish or perish," as they say.
Or in your case, "Perish or perish."
So would she... this Maud Bailey person?
Oh, yes, but I'd be careful if I were you.
Why? What's she like? Well, she thicks men's blood with cold.
Oh, great. Or if you prefer the American vernacular...
she's a regular ballbreaker.
185 00:15:04,284 --> 00:15:06,495 Mr. Michell?
What? I'm sorry. Roland Michell.
You're Maud. Bailey. Dr. Bailey, yes.
There's nothing in my index. No mention of Ash at all.
Well, Ash and LaMotte definitely met.
Really? When? June, 1859.
At a dinner party given by Crabb-Robinson.
It's in his diary.
And you jumped from that to the idea that they corresponded.
I found an unfinished draft of a letter in a book...
Addressed to LaMotte? No, just "Dear Madame."
But there were three women at Crabb-Robinson's dinner party,
and out of the three it's likeliest to be LaMotte.
So maybe there's something in LaMotte's letters.

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